Physo therapy

Physo therapy

Ultrasound Therapy

The ultrasound therapy device provided by HTD is a device that operates by utilizing mechanical vibrations in the ultrasound range, technically, for therapeutic and rehabilitative purposes.

Traction system with massage

The traction and massage device provided by HTD is a vibrating traction device that works by extending the back, with an electric waist massage device to relieve spinal column pain.

Short Wave therapy

The shortwave therapy device from HTD helps in physical therapy through high-frequency electrical current that stimulates heat generation within the body tissues and aids in pain relief.

Pain therapy Device

HTD's pain therapy device is a device that sends small electrical currents through the body to prevent nerves from transmitting pain signals to the mind.

Microwave Therapy

HTD Microwave Therapy Device is a device that generates heat in the body, which is used to warm deep tissues without evenly heating the skin.


HTD's advanced electrotherapy device works to improve the patient's performance in joint movement, motor control, causes relaxation of muscle spasms and delays muscle atrophy.

Diabetic poly neuropathy treatment

The multiple neuropathy detection and treatment device provided by HTD is a device used by diabetics that works as a measure of the temperature of the nerves in the feet.

Combination Therapy

The combination therapy device provided by HTD is an advanced device that combines ultrasound therapy and TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) therapy.

Arthroscopy System with Complete Tower

The joint arthroscopy device with tower provided by HTD is a device designed for the treatment of soft tissue injuries and wrist fractures. It can be rotated horizontally during joint arthroscopy.

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