Laboratory devices

Laboratory devices

Water Distillation Device

The water distillation device provided by HTD is a device that works to separate impurities and other contaminants from water through the process of evaporation and condensation.

Vortex shaker

The centrifugal mixer provided by HTD is a simple device used typically in laboratories to mix small vials of liquids for analysis purposes.

Spectrophotometer – visible

The visible spectrophotometer provided by HTD is a scientific instrument that analyzes light with complex components into spectral lines, used in the fields of biochemistry and molecular biology.

Roller mixer

The medical blood tube mixer device from HTD is a digitally adjustable horizontal rotary test device that mixes the medical blood tube cylinder mixer at a speed of 20-80 rotations per minute.


The sterilization oven device provided by HTD is a sterilization device in the form of an airtight box and has a tightly sealed port for entering and removing the materials to be sterilized.


A microscope provided by HTD in its many forms and uses. Such as the surgical microscope for microscopic surgeries as well as dental surgeries.


HTD's premium high speed micro centrifuge is designed with high efficient centrifugal force to separate small volume liquid samples.

Incubator lab

The laboratory incubator provided by HTD is an insulated tank equipped for culturing and maintaining microbes and cells in a controlled, contamination-free environment for cell and tissue culture.

Hematology Analyzer 3 parts

HTD three-part hematology analyzer is mainly used in hospitals, maternal and child health care centers, clinics and community service centers.

Fully Automated Immunoassay Analyzer

HTD Immunoassay is a dry specific reagent based on fluorescence immunochromatography (FIC) used for immunofluorescence detection in human samples.

Fully Automated Clinical Chemistry Analyzer

HTD's automatic clinical chemistry analyzer is easy to install and allows you to program up to 200 analyzes and divide them into 10 parts.

Eliza Analyzer

HTD Smart Laboratory Instrument Automated ELISA is a specialized device for analyzing chemiluminescence and staining response on microplates.

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