Vein illumination system

The vein illumination device provided by HTD is a medical tool that assists nurses and healthcare workers in locating the site of veins.

Pulse Oximeter

The pulse measurement device provided by HTD is a portable, non-invasive device designed to examine oxygen saturation in arterial hemoglobin and pulse rate in adults and children.

Laryngoscope Set

HTD's laryngoscope is a bio-flexible medical device used to visually examine the body's internal channels and cavities of various organs. Such as the larynx and pharynx.


The HTD EMG is a digital device featuring an operable amplifier system with up to 4 channels with easy-to-understand lights for electrode positions.


The EEG device provided by HTD is a simple digital device that records brain electricity and transmits it to a computer. It is used in intensive care rooms and epilepsy cases.


The HTD ECG is reliable, records and analyzes heart signals accurately and quickly, providing the important data doctors need to make the correct diagnosis.

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