Phototherapy Unit Crib

The light therapy bed from HTD utilizes red light and infrared radiation. It features an intelligent massage system and temperature and lighting control.

Neonatal Ventilator

The HTD Neonatal Ventilator is a device designed to provide breathing support to immature or sick babies as well as premature infants.

Infant Resuscitator

HTD Infant Resuscitator provides vital support to infants with advanced technology. Easy to use and effective in restoring breathing and improving vital functions.

Infant incubator

HTD Infant Incubator provides a safe and comfortable environment for babies to grow and develop. Thanks to modern design and advanced technology, it ensures temperature and humidity control.

Fetal Pulse Detector (sonic aid)

The fetal heartbeat detector (audio assistance) provided by HTD is a device made of durable and healthy ABS material, without radiation, equipped with 3 easy-to-operate control buttons, small in size and lightweight.

Fetal Monitor, cardiocograph

Fetal Doppler Monitor Machine is used in EKG to monitor the baby's heart rate and the mother's contractions while the baby is in the womb.

Fetal Heart Detector

HTD Fetal Heart Detector provides accurate and reliable monitoring of fetal heartbeat. Easy to use and portable, it helps monitor fetal health and enhances comfort for mothers.

Bubble (CPAP), neonate

The positive airway pressure device provided by HTD is designed to improve patient sleep and treat sleep apnea in newborns.

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