About HTD

About HTD

 HTD is a healthcare company with an exceptional reputation for over ten years.  The company is based in the heart of Europe and operates internationally, offering a comprehensive range of medical equipment for various medical specialties, including surgery, intensive care, gynecology and neonatology.

 HTD has extensive experience in managing complex projects, such as supplying equipment and supplies to individual medical stations.  Design, construction and equipment of major hospitals.

HTD distributes top-quality medical equipment to partners in 50+ countries worldwide, meeting customer needs with reliable, advanced products adhering to international healthcare standards.

 HTD is a leader in the healthcare industry, and its strong market position is enhanced by its commitment to innovation, continuous development, and service excellence for the health of humanity around the world.

10 years of excellence and experience in the medical equipment market.

 HTD has gained a significant reputation through its effective and active presence in the healthcare market over the last decade, achieving a reputation as a reliable medical equipment supplier.

 HTD’s presence has now been successfully expanded in diversified markets to more than 50 countries.

 Sales under the HTD brand name are witnessing significant growth over time, which reflects the growing confidence of customers in the company’s choice of factories and producing companies that it deals with with precision and caution to supply the best modern, high-quality devices.

More than 300 clients annually

 We provide our partners with customized solutions in various price categories, and this individual approach enables us to attract thousands of customers all over the world.  We also pay great attention to details and precise calculations, aiming to provide the most logical and cost-effective solution.


 Over the last decade, our company has built a strong, recognized and respected reputation as a trusted medical equipment supplier in a number of European, Asian and African countries.

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